County Clerk

The County Clerk is responsible for:

  • Administering and conducting elections for County, Municipal, Townships, Schools, Fire Departments, Libraries, and other public entities
  • Purchases, houses, and services all election equipment
  • Prepares, publishes, and pays for election specimen ballots and referenda questions
  • Ex-Officio Clerk of the County Board
  • Issues all vital records that occur in LaSalle County, Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates, Marriage Licenses
  • Publishes and pays for all public notices as they relate to elections
  • Accepts assumed names filings
  • Keeps records of all delinquent taxes and penalties; and accepts payments for the redemption of the same
  • Verifies and prints reports for TIF and Enterprise Zones
  • Accepts for filing, budgets, levies, bonds, and abatements allowing taxes to be extended, collected, and distributed
  • Accepts and files all annexation ordinances and subdivision plats
  • Sends Statements of Economic Interest to all persons required to file

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