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LaSalle County Land Use Department serves the citizens of LaSalle County by facilitating a nuLasalle County - Land Use Departmentmber of ordinances and regulations for the unincorporated areas of LaSalle County.

This department is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of LaSalle County's adopted zoning, subdivision, construction permit, floodplain, mobile home, and vacant property ordinances. In implementing the aforementioned ordinances, paired with additional policies and plans; this department ensures orderly development and promotes public health, safety, and the general welfare of LaSalle County residents.

The department also coordinates county-wide recycling events and has been delegated by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to conduct inspections and enforcement on LaSalle County landfills, compost facilities, open dump sites, and open burn sites.

Additional General Information

Building permits are required for all commercial projects, all residential structures over 200 square feet or larger than 20 feet on any side, and residential remodeling requires structural changes, signs, fences, pools, solar and wind equipment, and towers. Additional zoning approvals may be necessary depending on the type of project.

Building setbacks in most zoning districts are 70 feet from Township Road centerline, 85 feet from County Road centerline, 100 feet from State/Federal Route centerline, and 10 feet from side/rear yards.

Please contact our department prior to subdividing property in order to verify that the split will comply with the LaSalle County Subdivision, LaSalle County Zoning Ordinance, and the Illinois Plat Act.

Upcoming  Recycling Events

2024 Electronic Recycling Events (PDF)

Safebuilt (LaSalle County Building Inspection Contractor)

LaSalle County Office
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Phone: 815-434-8666

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Rick Nickel
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