LaSalle County COVID-19 Test Results

As of November 8, 2020, the LaSalle County Health Department began reporting confirmed cases and probable cases combined. A confirmed case is laboratory confirmed via molecular test. A probable case meets clinical criteria AND is epidemiologically linked or has a positive antigen test. If a probable case is later confirmed, the case will be deduplicated and will only be counted once. In addition, the Heath Department will continue to provide numbers of negatives, recovered individuals, and deaths. Testing through commercial labs is not required to be reported to LCHD, however, we will still be notified of any positive cases from IDPH State Lab or commercial labs.

This information is updated every Friday by 3:30 PM

Positive Cases - 37,219

Total Recovered Cases** - 36,423
Total Deaths** - 513

(**Included in the total number of positive cases)

COVID-19 Illinois Positive Cases

State of Illinois Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response