How many names can I enter?

Names can be entered at no charge for any property owner in your family and/or your business name. Limitations only apply to the number of name assigned to particular notification methods.

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1. What is Property Fraud Alert (PFA)?
2. Is there a fee to subscribe to PFA?
3. How many names can I enter?
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5. Can I enter more than one name at a time?
6. My first name is often spelled many ways; how should I enter it?
7. My last name is spelled differently on occasion; how should I enter it?
8. My last name is very common; will I receive notification alerts that could possibly belong to someone else?
9. My name is John Smith Junior (Jr.), how would I enter that into the subscription form?
10. I own a business, how should I enter my business name?
11. What if my name, my email address, or my phone number changes? How do I update my subscription with this new information?
12. How long does my name remain on the PFA notification list?
13. I own multiple homes and/or property in several different counties; will one subscription entry in one county cover me for all counties?
14. What information is provided on a PFA alert notification?