How does the pre-basic 9-1-1 system work?

In an emergency situation the citizen places a call to 911;

That call is forwarded to the La Salle County Sheriff's Office Communications Center;

A Sheriff's Office Telecommunicator will take your call. However, no information is displayed with the incoming call, except an occasional telephone number similar to the caller ID you may have in your home.

Pre-basic 911 is nothing more than a call forwarding service provided by local telephone companies under the FCC mandate. The 911 lines currently being used at the Sheriff's Office are not dedicated 911 as they would be with an enhanced 911 system.

With this type of system, the caller must be able to provide the telecommunicator with their Name, Address, Telephone Number, and the nature of the emergency if they are able to do so.

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1. How does the pre-basic 9-1-1 system work?
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