Departments A – H

Animal Control

Enforces state statue/public health that all dogs must have rabies shots, dispenses rabies dog tags and collects county fees and maintains the data base, removes stray and wild animals outside of city limits, enforces Animal Control Act in animal bite situations and contracts with municipalities for assistance in animal control situations. (815) 434-8661.

Appellate Court

(815) 434-5050


Chief County Assessment Officer, Stephanie R. Kennedy, township assessors, information, rules, publications, applications and forms. (815) 434-8233. More information


County Auditor is responsible for evaluating and reporting on county financial operations, the County Auditor examines how and where county money is spent.
(815) 434-8245. More information

Board of Review

(815) 434-8233.

Central Services (Microfilm, Printing, Postage, Scanning)

The Central Services Department provides services and supplies for LaSalle County’s offices and departments. Centralizes all clerical functions that can financially benefit from economies of scale with printing, postage, stationary, duplication, printers, service contracts, etc. (815) 434-8325. More information

Child Support

Contact the LaSalle County Circuit Clerk’s Office, Child Support Division.
(815) 433-0774. More information

Child Support Enforcement

Contact the LaSalle County Circuit Clerk’s Office, Child Support Division
(815) 433-0774. More information

Chief Judge’s Office

The Office of the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of LaSalle County administers authority for the entire Court Services Department. (815) 434-0786.   Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Courts – Press Release – Updated 02/25/22    More information

Circuit Clerk’s Civil Division

Preserves all files and records of sessions of courts in the Civil Division
(815) 434-8671. More information

Circuit Clerk’s Traffic & Criminal Division

Preserves all files and records of sessions of courts in the Traffic and Criminal Division (815) 434-8271 . More information

Courtroom Live Stream

LaSalle County Courtroom Remote Court Appearance Info

County Clerk

The LaSalle County Clerk administers and conducts all elections, keeps all vital records, issues licenses, files budgets, levies, bonds, and abatements, and more (815) 434-8202. More information


The LaSalle County Coroner’s Office exists to provide the people of LaSalle County with a thorough investigation in the event of a death.
(815)434-8268. More information

Court Services

The Director has the responsibility of overall supervision of Court Services.
(815) 434-8668.  Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Courts – Updated 02/25/22 – Press Release

Detention Home

Detention of Juveniles for protection of public and the minor.
(815) 434-8300


LaSalle County Emergency Management Agency works to save lives, protect property, preserve functioning civic government, and to maintain and support economics for survival and recovery from disasters. (815)433-5622. More information


The La Salle County ETSB is responsible but not limited to; planning and implementing an Enhanced 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System for all residents in rural La Salle County. (815) 434-8384. More information

Health Department

The LaSalle County Health Department is comprised of three divisions; Administrative, Environmental, and Personal Health. Division personnel direct and coordinate the assessment of community health needs, the development of program plans, the implementation of programs, and the evaluation of health outcomes. (815) 433-3366. More information

Highway Department

The LaSalle County Highway Department is responsible for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of 371 miles of county highways, 79 major bridges and numerous drainage structures. (815) 434-0743. More information

Housing Authority

(815) 434-0380. More information

Human Resources

The LaSalle County Human Resources Department is responsible for the administration and coordination of all Human Resource functions which support the successful operation of County Departments and their employees. (815) 434-8244. More information