Jury Commission FAQ



Frequently Asked Questions about Jury Commission

What are the requirements to serve as a juror?

Must be a United States Citizen 2)Must be 18 years of age and older 3)Must be a resident of LaSalle County
NOTE: If you are not a citizen or resident, please mark your questionnaire appropriately and return to the Jury Commission office.

How will I know if I need to report for jury service?

Jurors are to call a recorded message for instructions prior to reporting. Make sure to read all instructions on the jury summons listed on the back of the summons in the dark blue box.

If I am needed to report, which courthouse do I report to and where do I park?

The courthouse you report to is the Governmental Complex, 707 Etna Road, Ottawa, Illinois. Please park on the east side of the courthouse and enter through the east door. A Jury Commissioner will be at the door to direct you to the Jury Assembly Room. The Jury Assembly Room is located in the basement and clearly marked.

Will I be paid for my jury service?

Yes. You are entitled to $10.00 for the first day of service. The second day and thereafter you are entitled to $15.50. Additionally, you will receive mileage at the current IRS business rate from the post office in your town to the post office in Ottawa, roundtrip.

When will I be paid for jury service?

The jury payroll is done on the last Wednesday of the month. Checks are mailed within the next day or so of the next month.

What do I need to bring for my jury service?

Make sure you bring your jury summons, and if you did not mail your questionnaire bring it with you.

What can I do if I don’t have transportation?

No one is excused for lack of transportation. You would need to make arrangements for transportation.

What is the proper dress attire for jury service?

Jurors should dress comfortably but appropriately for a courtroom. Also, during the summer months the courtrooms are cool from the air conditioning so you may want to bring a sweater or jacket with you. Tank tops, low-cut sleeveless tops and halter tops are not allowed in the jury room or courtroom.

May I bring a lunch?

You may bring a lunch. Unfortunately, we do not have a place to refrigerate food or drinks. You may want to bring some money with you in case you eat out. There are vending machines with snacks, juice and pop. There will be coffee or tea provided in the Jury Assembly Room.

What am I allowed to bring to jury service?

You may bring your own reading material or office work. We do have reading material provided in the Jury Assembly Room. Jurors may NOT bring laptops, cell phones, cameras, video and/or audio recorders or electronic games.

When will jurors be dismissed for the day?

Jurors will be dismissed after all court proceedings have been satisfied.

What happens if you fail to appear for jury service?

Failure to Appear when summoned is a serious matter. You may be held in contempt of court and could be fined up to $500.00. It is in your best interest to appear if you are summoned to avoid any further court action.

Are employers required to pay employees while on jury service?

No. An employer is NOT required by law to pay employees who are on jury service. However, some employers do. You should check with Human Resources before serving and find out what the company’s policy is for jury service.

My employer will need documentation that I came in for jury service. Will I be able to show my employer I was there for jury duty?

Yes. You will receive a Work Certification form with the date of service on it. Also, if you are chosen to be a juror for a trial, at the end of the trial a work certification with all of the dates on it will be printed and mailed to your home address. You are also welcome to come to our office during office hours and pick up your form before you leave.

Does my employer have the right to terminate or penalize me for performing my American right as a juror?

No. According to Illinois law, an Employer may not deny an employee time off for jury duty. No employer shall discharge, threaten to discharge, intimidate or coerce any employee by reason of the employee’s jury service, or the attendance or scheduled attendance in connection with such service. 705-ILCS 305/4.l(a).

Why do I get summoned more than every three years? (It seems like I get these every year.)

We use the voter’s registration, driver’s license and state identifications, and Unemployment List to select for jury service.  Please make sure your name and address is exactly the same on voter’s and driver’s license.

Why do I keep getting summonses from LaSalle County when I moved to another county?

You may have an active voter’s registration in LaSalle County.  If you did not cancel your voter’s from LaSalle County, you should contact the LaSalle County Clerk’s Office at (815) 434-8202 and speak to them about cancellation. Also, make sure your driver’s license is changed to your current address and not your old address in LaSalle County.

Can I bring someone with me for jury service?

No. The only persons allowed in the Jury Assembly Room are the jurors.  You can have someone escort you to and from the assembly room.

Why do I have to pay postage to return my questionnaire?

Returning forms by mail is not the only option for many courts.  Some courts allow you to drop-off or email completed forms.  Please contact the jury office for more information on returning your questionnaire.  The judicial branch spends thousands of dollars annually on printing and mailing summons, forms, juror checks and other communications for jurors.  Prepaid envelopes that are not used become a wasted expense.