LaSalle County Coroner, Richard Ploch

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Rich Ploch, LaSalle County Coroner

Terry Eutis, Chief Deputy
Cindy Gunderson, Administrative Deputy

The LaSalle County Government Complex buildings are open for members of the public to conduct business. When possible, we ask that you conduct business via our county website –
You can also contact our office directly by phone at 815-434-8268: Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 4:00pm. Access to our County Coroner Office will be limited only to the individual person conducting business, and a prior appointment is required because our office has limited space available to adhere to the COVID-19 social distancing protocol. All members of the public must adhere to the County issued health protocols prior to entering the Governmental complex.

The LaSalle County Coroner’s Office exists to provide the people of LaSalle County with a thorough investigation in the event of a death.  The investigation may include, but is not limited to, autopsy, toxicology tests, x-rays, and personal as well as mental health history.  These procedures are done to ensure that the facts of the death in conjunction with an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the death are brought forward in the determination of manner and cause of death.

The Coroner’s Office is a law enforcement investigative office mandated by the Statutes of the State of Illinois to investigate deaths within its jurisdiction.  Also by Statute, the Coroner is a law enforcement official and has those additional responsibilities as outlined by the Statutes.  When a Deputy Coroner acts on behalf of the Coroner, he or she acts with the same authority and has the same responsibilities as the Coroner.

It is the purpose of this office to do professional medicolegal death investigations with compassion and respect.  We do this by making a commitment to “care of the deceased and concern for the living”.

The LaSalle County Coroner’s office is located at:
707 E. Etna Road, Room 144
Ottawa, IL  61350
Phone: (815)434-8268
FAX: (815)434-8306
Emergency Contact Phone Number: (815)693-8094
Email: [email protected]