Recorder of Deeds Publications and Forms

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Recorder of Deeds Publications and Forms



Resolution #16-193
LaSalle County Recorders Office Recording List
35 ILCS 200/Exemptions From Real Estate Taxes
Book And Instrument Codes
Changes To DD 214 Accessibility
LaSalle County Recorder Transfer Tax History
LaSalle County Recorder Glossary Of Real Estate Terms
Rental Housing Support Program Guidelines
PTAX-203 Real Estate Transfer Tax Form


Subcontractors Claim For Lien No. 201  (231KB)
Quit Claim Deed  (182KB) Illinois Statutory
Original Contractor’s Claim For Lien No. 200 (638KB)
Quit Claim Deed  (611KB) Joint Tenancy Illinois Statutory
Release of Mechanic’s Lien (547KB)
Quit Claim Deed  (214KB) Tenancy by the Entirety Illinois Statutory
Warranty Deed  (207KB) Joint Tenancy Illinois Statutory
Warranty Deed (197KB) Illinois Statutory
Warranty Deed Tenancy by the Entirety
Redaction Request Form  (185KB)
Release Deed  (185KB)
Plat Act Affidavit (30KB)
Military Discharge Copy Request Form (97KB)