Coroner's Act

Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 55

Section 5/3-3020

Coroner to be Notified-Violation

Every law enforcement official, funeral director, ambulance attendant, hospital director or administrator, or person having custody of the body of a deceased person, where the death is one subject to investigation under Section 3-3013, and any physician in attendance upon such a decedent at the time of his/her death, shall notify the Coroner promptly. Any such person failing to so notify the Coroner promptly shall be guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor unless such person has reasonable cause to believe that the Coroner had already been so notified.

Section 5/3-3019

Removal of Bodies-Violation

No dead body which may be subject to the terms of this Division or the personal property of such a deceased person shall be handled, moved, disturbed, embalmed, or removed from the place of death by any person, except with the permission of the Coroner, unless same shall be necessary to protect such body or property from damage or destruction, or unless necessary to protect life, safety, or health. Any person knowingly violating the provisions of this section is guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor.

Section 5/3-3017


In any death where the remains are to be cremated, it shall be the duty of the funeral director or person having custody of the dead body to obtain from the Coroner a permit to cremate the body. The Coroner's permit to cremate shall be presented to the local registrar in applying for Permit for Disposition of Dead Human Body provided for in Section 21 of the Vital Records Act, and the local registrar shall attach the Coroner's permit to cremate to the Permit for Disposition of Dead Human Body which is issued. No crematory shall cremate a dead human body unless a Permit for Disposition of Dead Human Body with an attached Coroner's permit to cremate has been furnished to authorize the cremation.