Vector Control

Mosquito biting human

This is a grant-funded program that allows the collection and testing of dead birds and mosquitoes for West Nile virus. Additionally, mosquito larvicide is purchased and distributed to licensed mosquito control applicators from local municipalities and villages throughout the county. The larvicide is used to treat potential mosquito breeding sites. An annual education campaign focuses on the prevention and identification of potential breeding sites throughout the county. Identified sites are monitored and as needed re-mediated. Presentations about mosquitoes and the potentially life-threatening diseases they can carry are given to students throughout the county. Presentations and educational awareness are also conducted regarding ticks and the prevention of Lyme disease.

West Nile Virus Statistics

Taking sample from birdWest Nile Virus & Other Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

Lyme Disease & Other Tick-Related Illnesses

Please visit the Illinois Department of Public Healt's (IDPH) interactive tick surveillance map created by their Vector Control staff.  The map shows what ticks have been identified in Illinois by county, in addition to the diseases they were tested for and number of positive results.