Central Services (Microfilm, Printing, Postage, Scanning)

Three Division

LaSalle County Central Services is broken down into three divisions.

The Central Services Department, located at 707 E Etna Road - Ottawa IL 61350-1047, provides services and supplies for all of these LaSalle County offices and departments that are listed below. We do not provide services to the public. Although we are able to perform a service for the LaSalle County tax-paying residents that most are not aware of. This department of five employees is able to save money every day, week, month and year by providing in-house services to the offices and departments.

  • LaSalle County Courthouse (Downtown Ottawa)
  • LaSalle County Criminal Justice Center (Etna Road)
  • LaSalle County Detention Home (Etna Road)
  • LaSalle County Emergency Management Agency (Etna Road)
  • LaSalle County Governmental Center (Etna Road)
  • LaSalle County Health Department (Etna Road)
  • LaSalle County Highway Department (27th Road)
  • LaSalle County Nursing Home (27th Road)
  • LaSalle County Parks Department (Catlin and Shabbona)

Microfilm and Scanning Department

The Microfilm and Scanning Department preserves documents in an archival form and a quick reference form. All offices and departments are required to get a destruction order from the Springfield State Archives before they turn in a microfilm and scanning order to the Central Services department. We then are required to follow all of the Illinois State Archives forms and rules. We have six microfilm cameras and we have four scanners. We work with an average of a million documents a year.

In our dark room, we process and duplicate the microfilm following the Illinois State Archives standard. The microfilm is then inspected frame by frame to ensure there are no blurred documents or hand shots.

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Printing Department

The Printing Department is a very busy shop. We print and copy an average of two million documents a year. There are various types of orders that come into the shop. We print all of the carbonless forms, letterhead, envelopes, booklets, forms, letters, business cards, and the list goes on.

Other responsibilities of the print division:

  • We take care of twenty-two (22) copy machines, their maintenance, and supplies. These copy machines are placed throughout the Etna Road complex and the downtown courthouse;
  • We supply the print cartridges for the printers and fax machines located in the county offices and departments. We get a price agreement for each fiscal year on OEM and compatible cartridges. We do save a substantial amount using this procedure;
  • We also supply the paper for the copy machines, fax machines, and printers that are located in the county offices and departments.

Postage Department

In the Postal Department, we mail out various sizes of mail each day, from letter sizes, to large envelopes, tubes and boxes. We are responsible for four mail machines, the postage, rental, and supplies. The cost of mailing adds up, so we do what we can to keep the cost down. We run certified mail electronically with savings on each piece.

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