Court Services & Probation

13th Judicial Circuit LaSalle, Bureau, & Grundy County

Probation & Court Services is the largest component of the community corrections system.  In Illinois, Court Services is under control of the judicial branch of government.  Each county's Court Services department is responsible to the Chief Judge of the judicial circuit.

Mission Statement:

The MISSION of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court Services is to provide an effective and efficient system in order to achieve Justice for everyone.

Vision Statement:

The VISION of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court Systems is to be a unified system working in collaboration with the community where:

  • Appropriate decisions are made
  • Community Resources are developed 
  • Offenders are held accountable in the most appropriate manner
  • Community input is valued

Contact Information:

Charles Goodwin, Director of Court Services
Susan Dobbs, Director of Probation Services
Tracy Burke-Carriere, Supervisor of Probation
Frances Cain, Supervisor of Probation

Phone Numbers:

LaSalle County:  815-434-0736      Fax:  815-433-3628
Bureau County:  815-872-8951      Fax:  815-879-0012
Grundy County:  815-941-3266      Fax:  815-941-3267